about Agora

Our Story

Agora Energy Technologies Ltd. is an innovative electrochemical engineering company that provides solutions for the next generation of energy technologies.

We are the only company developing a ground-breaking battery technology package that directly utilizes the industrially captured CO2 and generates electricity. By doing this we enable efficient integration of clean energy at the grid and micro-grid levels.

Stringent Problems
Humanity is Facing


CO2 Emissions

Key components
of the Problems
Storage of Renewables
Large scale useful CO2 conversion
Solution: must address the two
problems simultaneously
Invent, develop and deploy a high-performant,
long-lasting battery that uses CO2 and generates electricity
Agora CO2
Redox Flow Battery

Our highly talented professionals conduct their activities in one of the following key areas:

Electro-Catalysis Group

Electro-mechanical Engineering Group

Battery Research Group

Chemical Engineering Group

Membrane Technology Group