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Vancouver, BC –  Agora Energy Technologies Ltd. (Agora), a Vancouver-based cleantech start-up, will be presenting their novel energy storage and COutilization technology, the Carbon Dioxide Redox Flow Battery, to delegates from across Canada and 25 countries at the Clean Energy Ministerial 10 and Mission Innovation 4 (CEM10/MI4) on May 28 and 29, 2019 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Agora invented and is developing the Carbon Dioxide Redox Flow Battery, a grid-scale energy storage system that consumes carbon dioxide when charging the battery. This first-in-the-world technology solves two critical climate challenges: energy storage for intermittent renewable electricity and value-added use for industrially-captured CO2. The Battery has the potential of storing significant, utility-level quantities of renewable energy, enabling low-carbon renewable power, such as wind and solar, to be stored when plentiful and released on demand. Additional greenhouse gas reductions will be achieved as the greenhouse gas is continuously used and converted by the Battery.

“The impending clean energy transition presents opportunities that require unprecedented technological solutions, including our Carbon Dioxide Redox Flow Battery,” says Dr. Christina Gyenge, CEO and Co-founder, “It is essential to decouple the CO2 emissions from power generation. We look forward to sharing our innovative and important solution with global leaders and develop new partnerships to support the research and development of our technology.” Agora will be participating in the Innovation Showcase hosted as part of the CEM10/MI4 activities, among fellow Canadian start-ups, clean energy companies, government, and post-secondary institutions. The Innovation Showcase is open to the public if registered prior to May 24, 2019.

Agora’s technology leverages dominant trends in the clean energy industry. “Our CO2-Redox Flow Battery technology is at the leading edge of the energy storage and carbon conversion fields and offers a truly viable solution to our global climate challenges,” says Dr. Előd Gyenge, Co-founder and Scientific Director. Stationary energy storage is an emergent market driven by the proliferation of renewables and the need to match electricity generation and demand. Carbon dioxide capture and utilization is a nascent field with a diversity of technologies at varying levels of implementation. These two industries are critical components of a decarbonized energy economy and are expected to be focal points at the international clean energy forum. As Agora’s Battery bridges these two critical challenges, the company anticipates significant interest in their innovative technology and important national and international opportunities at the convention.

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